Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving This Town

Matthew is gone....he left for Salt Lake and will soon leave for Argentina.   I still remember the day Matthew was born.  I was in the second grade and my mom, Granny D, rode her bike down to Houston to tell me he had been born.  Its strange to think that so many years have gone by.  Its been fun to reminisce, Matthew remembers Ty and I helping him learn to ride a bike, and how he had the most ridiculous batting stance as a t-ball player.   Matthew we will miss you tons, you are such a sweet kid always so nice and pleasant to be around.  You will be a great missionary.  We will pray for you constantly and just always remember that your family loves you.

-Lacy, Peter and Scout 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ragged & Dirty

Scout and I love our morning routine.  Time with dad, walk, make the bed, swing, water the garden.  I love that she is very adventurous and always ready to play.

 Unfortunately I didn't get a shot of her fully in the garden digging.

 However the digging is just her effort to find the premier dirt to eat.  I don't even try to stop it any more she just loves it too much, and there is something about a dirty kid that i just love.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Summer Wind

  With the promise of 72 degrees and windy weather, Lindsay and I took the kids out to the desert and played at the Usery Pass park. 

 Scout holding on tooth and nail as Olive rocks them back and forth. 

I feel like all outings are all about what do we have to eat, lately I've been making kettle corn thanks to the whirley pop.  I've never really been impressed with any of Scouts abilities until I saw her consume an entire bag of popcorn, she didn't even stop for water or to go to the bathroom. 

Just so we are all aware I'm really impressed with everything my child does.  Especially her ability to make people smile.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

East-er Indian Princess

I know that I claimed that I would make at least one post minus a certain baby girl, but Easter happened and I love holidays and babies.

Surprisingly, Scout enjoyed picking up eggs more than I thought she would, and she loves her new sock bunny. Easter wasn't quite the flop that most other holidays have been, a 10 month old can enjoy candy and fun.
 Scout had the run of the yard with all her cousins, aunt/uncles, friends and grandparents doting over her....spoiled rotten.

 Not being the only baby around the dangerfield's house is getting to Scouts ego.  So in order to stick out a bit from the crowd she has taken to weight lifting and flexing in order to showcase her massive biceps.  You should see her abs...she is going to reveal those later this summer in her babykini. 

We are very blessed to have a Heavenly Father who atoned for our sins, and are grateful to celebrate Him this season.
Happy Easter!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Back x2

as a stay at home mom i live for the days when Peter is around...or other family, but we like Peter best.  so my body about exploded from excitement when i had 2 weeks of spring break.  i dont even attend school and i think i was more excited than any of my nieces or nephews.  so to catch you up on what happened.

camping with the Dangerfields 
 sleepover/tp-ing with nieces and nephews 

 lots of time at the zoo

 sycamore creek

  st patricks day

jerome...wishing i had thought to make a cute face in this photo.  way to make me look dumb Browns.

my goal for the next few posts are to be scout free.  i love my girl but im really struggling to find photos without my child.