Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food poison?

So yesterday for lunch we went to Dew, this new sandwich place in provo that we love.  But I don't love it anymore.  20 minutes after I got back to work from lunch my tummy started to hurt.  "Oh i'm just digesting weird."  That was not the case I pukied my guts out for a couple hours and by the time Peter got home around 11pm, I was feeling tons better.  It's sad but I will never have another Dew sandwich.
Ps- Although I am still grossed out by my BBQ pork sandwich, it probably wasn't the pork that made me sick.  It was probably one of the veggies in the sandwich. You usually get food poison from lettuce or other veggies.  Thanks Lachelle for the info.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

WINTER...so soon?

That right folks, snow!  Looking at the weather forecast for this week I was filled with sorrow when I saw that Saturday brings snow.  I know to all you Arizona friends this may seem like a joke, but I am not that funny.    
I think pictures of real snow flakes are amazing, how do they do it?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Best Dinner Ever!!!

I am not sure I have told you all about "Bowman Meals" but they are something to be desired. We have enjoyed Bowman meals at his house many times. But he is now one of the chefs at Spark, a new fine dining restaurant right in Provo.  To get nice food around here you used to have to go to Sundance or Salt Lake, that is no longer the case.  Peter and I went with Lachelle and Manasseh, and completely splurged, getting tons more food than we needed.  Still without my camera I am using others pictures, which do the food no justice.  

These are just my drink and desert that I got, a mango mohito (i think) and fried pudding with orange corriander sorbet.  But we also got salmon, scallops, short ribs (which might have been my favorite), shrimp (my first taste ever), and tons more food.  Oh yeah and at the end Bowman brought out a smoked hot chocolate with essence of cayenne.  Sounds really weird but it was amazing and made me want to go camping.  Well I am sure that I will get you better pictures soon, Peter is planning a once a month night out to Spark.