Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bringing It All Back Home

There is that levi blanket I had been missing for so many months, and those super cute kido's I really missed too.

Our family had a mexican fiesta for us as soon as we landed, look at pappy's famous smoked pork tacos and those beans so delicious and refried.

I about died as I watched my mom and sisters play just dance, which is ok cause they probably laughed equally hard at me. We all know I walk like a duck I'm sure my dancing is a very attractive waddle.

We got to see Wes, Spider Man and a very spooky witch.

Peter and I got to go to a baseball game with Bee and Alex. I love baseball but to be honest I have never lasted past the 7th inning. Fortunately, it was an amazing game and the Diamondback broke their loosing streak, take that Braves.
I hate the Braves and their stupid chopping and chanting.

Sophie had the magic tough with the bubble wand I gave Will for his birthday, I just got soap in my eyes.

Gus got to wear this snazzy speedo, which isn't a speedo at all and is in fact Jersey's bikini bottoms. Way to forget his suit Cic.

On our way home from Cicily's house I noticed this restaurant, Takamatsu, what are the odds that Chandler, Arizona would have a restaurant named after the city we lived in while in Japan. I never found any food in Takamatsu, Japan that I was too thrilled about but we have to go eat there, right?