Saturday, March 8, 2008

I am the funniest person I know!

So our whole marriage I have tried to convince Peter that I am funny. Unitl yesterday he was not convinced. So yesterday at work I show up and then find out that our frieght was not coming till noon. So I decide to call peter for a ride and leave and come back at noon. And as you remember I have a boss that hates my guts, so I thought it would be funny to tell peter I got fired when I called him for a ride home. So I did. I didnt take the joke too far, when he picked me up I was already laughing. So his reaction goes as follows. "Son of a B****! I really want to ripe out all of your hair!" His reaction made everything ten times better. I ended up feeling really bad because he almost missed a class and a quiz to comfort his recently fired wife. But my goal was accomplished, he thinks Im funny.