Saturday, May 30, 2009

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I would first like to apologize about the movie of photos. For some 
reason my computer would not upload single photos. And even on 
the occasion that it does let me upload single photos I can only upload 5.
Any suggestions would be great.

These are pictures from Naoshima island, with our co-workers Andrew 
and Angela. I really just wanted to go because you ride bikes all over 
the island, and I really miss my bike. But, they had some cool art too.  
Like this house project. In an old port city they turned some random
houses spread out through the town into a huge art exhibit. Very neat!

The island was beautiful. Before going I was a little disappointed with
Japans luster. But I can assure you it is beautiful. Beautiful beaches and
tropical trees.

This trip held a lot of firsts for me. My first trip in Japan. My first bike
ride in Japan. And my first taste of octopus. Honestly, I knew I was
taking a risk getting the seafood platter in Japan, but it came with
dessert so I had to. It really wasn't bad, it was deep fried which made
it taste like any other seafood.
However I will say this, the octopus wasn't bad. But I have seen things
here that I don't even think Rick Ford could stomach!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons to begin "going japanese" part 1

There are many things that we love about the country Japan.  None of them involve children or teaching.

Grocery shopping is always a trip as mention in my last post involving an alive fish rapped in plastic.  Peter is holding a product that we have still yet to find out what it is, all I know is that its bright pink or blue and looks like your small intestine.  So we are guessing pig intestine infected with swine flu.
Japan has great zoos.  This monkey was the most lively animal.  Other animals in the exhibit displayed many near dead animals including: a goat, rabbits, peacocks, swans (some out of water), a javelina, and many varieties of chickens.
Squatters! The one real life thing that living in a tent in Montana taught me, how to squat and pee!  
(notice: same face as featured above)
The Japanese are very fit.  Peter and I are hoping to eventually work up to a full backbend.  

Reasons to begin "going japanese" part 2

Peter and I have noticed the abundant number of beautiful parks that fill Japan.  Just look at this park that Peter is enjoying.... I say beautiful.  Who needs Freestone.  Not me and certainly not any child in Japan, we'll stick with our dirt lots thank you.

The vegetation here is amazing.  Japan is one giant solid bush.  The trees, flowers and other plants are like nothing I have ever seen. 
(that flower probably comes from the states) 
The country is already set up for the blind! Just in case, at least I know I could still get around.  
I can still reach my goals of becoming a domestic diva! This was my first attempt at making something is my microven (thats microwave and oven combined).  I wasn't convinced that the futuristic microven would really bake stuff.  Its a really strange appliance. 
ps- this is banana bread, not meat loaf.
Japan really is great and we are having a fantastic time.  But we really really miss you all.
Kiss, kiss!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gone Fishing!

While at the grocery store last night Peter and i caught sight of this fish wiggling around in its wrapper. live fish in a bucket? ok. live fish in styrofoam and plastic? only in japan.

I pointed it out to an old woman, she humored me by laughing a little.... she was probably just laughing at me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

We're Turning Japanese

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Hello from Japan! 
A few things have happened in the past 6 days, things have been a little say the least.

1. Once we landed in Tokyo bunch of freaky deaky bird flu inspectors came on the plane with this device that checked everyone’s temperature. Honestly, it kind of felt like the end of E.T. when all of those scientists were dressed in those suits.  Needless to say, it wasn’t the warmest of welcomes. 

2. Our first day in Japan was spent with some fellow teachers (Chris & Courtney) who had been living in our city up until about two weeks ago.  They were actually extremely kind and very good with giving us good information about how to live in our city.  They made sure our first meal in Japan was nice and comforting...we ate McDonalds, and it was amazing. I never thought a cheese burger and fries could taste so good. McDonalds in Japan is actually very good, not like in the states. I might just be fooling myself who knows. 

3. That car that I showed you guys pictures of was way too small for Peter so I have had to decline driving for right now.  I don't have a picture right now of Peter in the car but just try and put yourself in one of those kiddy red cars and you get the idea. I will post a picture soon.

4. We take trains everywhere, which is the cause of a lot of confusion.  Since we can’t read Japanese we have to go off of the cost of tickets that we’ve found on the internet and the times that we know the train is arriving and departing.  An excellent example of how confusing this can be happened today when Peter and I hopped on a train that we thought would take us home after going to church in the town next to us and ended up crossing the ocean to the main island. However, we have decided to take things as they come. So when we realized that we were headed across the ocean (on the world’s largest suspension bridge nonetheless) we just laughed about it and enjoyed the ride.

5. As for the actual job, all I can say is that I work with a bunch of Japanese kids (most of them being no older than seven) that have short attention spans.  We kind of feel like a glorified babysitter right now. But its fun and leaves of with a lot of free time.

It's the Year of Peta and Racy

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