Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sleep Late, My Lady Friend

i thought people were kidding when they said all babies do is sleep and eat and surprisingly scout is sticking to the mold (for now anyway).

scout getting her nails cut by one of my seasoned sisters, i thought i might cut off her fingers. summer you did a fine job.

everyone loves a baby. it's nice having so many people around to take care of my baby. i'm pretty sure will likes her the most, finally someone smaller than him.

here is one of my favorite pictures, showing off the fact that scout is already papa pete's little girl.
we are so glad she is here.
we love you scoonts!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


After 15 hours off laboring our stubborn girl decided she was too tired to finish what she started so the doctors had to take her c-section. Just like her mom she had the cord wrapped around her neck. She hung in there like a champ and we ended up with a beautiful baby.
8 lbs 6 oz and 22 inches long, I was shocked. We are still trying to figure out where all of her features come from. She has her dads furrowed brow and her moms chin, but beyond that we can't decide.
Grandma Dee was first to meet Scout this morning and Scout was so wide awake and happy. The girl keeps her eyes open the whole time she is awake, such a mature baby.