Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oh and after Ty's special birthday dinner we headed to the library and it started to snow like crazy. The flakes were so big if you stared up in the sky it either looked very dirty or like you were in a snow globe. I hate the fact that it is april and still snowing, this place is just a tease.

Its my brothers birthday

Ty turned 24 on the 7th of April. Happy Birthday T-Bone. Peter and I took him to the red lobsterfor his first time ever, what a treat. Mostly because peters dad sent us a gift card for it the other day and because to those of us who love him ty is known as lobster. We had to go at like 5:30 in the evening cause peter had to go to some school thing. We felt like a bunch of 80 year olds eating before the sun even started setting in the sky. We really were there with a bunch of geriatrics. Anyway it was great and i am sure glad ty lives in provo. Happy Birthday!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Just to catch you up

This is just to catch you all up on what I have been doing in life. These first two are from Easter. We had a great sleepover with our friends and then an egg hunt in the morning. Us girls hid the eggs, then the boys had to find them. Not even Peter was tall enough to grab the egg we hid in the tree.
This is me Lacy Ford Dangerfield, I recently got a perm! Weird I know who gets perms, but honestly mine does not look like a perm as you can tell. Usually it does look better than this but it is always fuzzy, I just havent done it in a few days. We all know I never do my hair, thats really why I choose this style in the first place. I got my hair done at Paul Mitchell hair school, I thought I would save a few bucks. I had no idea it would shave a few years off my life. Honestly I was there for 5 and 1/2 hours. I thought I was gonna die. I was also there 2 hours after they closed, I felt like the biggest hassle and they were really just rushing me out the door before the perm had time to settle. next time I will fork over the few extra dollars to get it done right. Yes that is right I do believe I will be doing this again.

Shelly and Steve and Bethany just left our house after a great weekend. They were down for conference, we had a great time. We went to some amazing hot tubes that Lachelle told us about, thanks girl your the best. we must go together next time. Pictures will be coming soon, I forgot to take my camera so when shelface sends me them I will post them and tell all the stories. well I will share one story for Lachelle, you know that nasty rag you told us about that you clog the pipe to make it hotter? Ty threw it in my face, what an ass clown.