Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colorado Bound

Peter caught himself a baby bear cub in Colorado.

No its a baby.
However, this baby got really good at playing dead in her bear
suit just in case of a real bear attack.

Wolf Creek Pass with Grandma and Aunt Lynda,
and hiking the falls with dad.

Peter aka "Rock Pushing Pete" really got the job done out at Nanny's burial site. The cemetery was beautiful and very rustic. Once it was all said and done, everyone was really proud of how it looked, especially Papa. Scout is already developing a love of the woods like her parents.

The bakery in Pagosa Springs is definitely something to write home about. This, of course, is made obvious by Peter's strange expression in this picture with his breakfast sandwich.

Needless to say, after our trip, Peter and I have decided to become snowbirds by the time he turns 35 and own some property somewhere in Colorado.

At the end of the day Scout quickly fell asleep with her old friend Jem.