Thursday, April 12, 2012

East-er Indian Princess

I know that I claimed that I would make at least one post minus a certain baby girl, but Easter happened and I love holidays and babies.

Surprisingly, Scout enjoyed picking up eggs more than I thought she would, and she loves her new sock bunny. Easter wasn't quite the flop that most other holidays have been, a 10 month old can enjoy candy and fun.
 Scout had the run of the yard with all her cousins, aunt/uncles, friends and grandparents doting over her....spoiled rotten.

 Not being the only baby around the dangerfield's house is getting to Scouts ego.  So in order to stick out a bit from the crowd she has taken to weight lifting and flexing in order to showcase her massive biceps.  You should see her abs...she is going to reveal those later this summer in her babykini. 

We are very blessed to have a Heavenly Father who atoned for our sins, and are grateful to celebrate Him this season.
Happy Easter!

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Courtney Thompson said...

she's sooooo cute! i love the muscles pic! :) i'm so jealous of your obvious warm weather. as i write this i'm in my flat freezing with a fleece on! :/ we miss you guys lots and lots! when are you flying to this side of the pond? tell p there are lots of social work jobs here! :)))))) xo