Monday, November 16, 2009

Super Lungs

Since being left by ourselves to explore Japan, we have been a little lazy. Peter is busy working on his graduate school applications. However, we have found a little time to relax and play. Here we are on our bicycle. In Japan boys ride their girl friends around on the back of there bicycle, I always think its super cute.

We found a yakiniku restaurant close to our house. We were very excited because its our favorite food in Japan, really the only food I like in Japan. Who doesn't like grilled meat.

This is our new sandwich shop. Its amazing we can get a sandwich that tastes like America and doesn't have a fish, seaweed or teriyaki flavor. They even gave us an olive and pickle, my first in 6 months.

While Peter has been working on his applications I have had to keep myself busy. This is proving very difficult due my clingy nature these days. But thanks to Courtney and Chris I have inherited an oven and a sewing machine. This is a picture of my $12 pumpkin bread.

The Dangerfords have a deep love of anatomy. So I decided to make myself a cadaver sweater. Kidneys are in the works.

Now its time to make some Christmas crafts!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

These kids made the cut, they were my favorite of the day. Except these first two but I just had to tell you that the chica on the left thinks I am ultra scary and won't come to my class alone.