Saturday, April 14, 2012

Summer Wind

  With the promise of 72 degrees and windy weather, Lindsay and I took the kids out to the desert and played at the Usery Pass park. 

 Scout holding on tooth and nail as Olive rocks them back and forth. 

I feel like all outings are all about what do we have to eat, lately I've been making kettle corn thanks to the whirley pop.  I've never really been impressed with any of Scouts abilities until I saw her consume an entire bag of popcorn, she didn't even stop for water or to go to the bathroom. 

Just so we are all aware I'm really impressed with everything my child does.  Especially her ability to make people smile.


Kayla Roussel said...

what is this popcorn you're talking about?! you must share!!

Brown Sugar said...

where you not impressed with my ability to eat a whole bag of popcorn?

shanna kesler said...

Your kettle corn is my favorite.