Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Back x2

as a stay at home mom i live for the days when Peter is around...or other family, but we like Peter best.  so my body about exploded from excitement when i had 2 weeks of spring break.  i dont even attend school and i think i was more excited than any of my nieces or nephews.  so to catch you up on what happened.

camping with the Dangerfields 
 sleepover/tp-ing with nieces and nephews 

 lots of time at the zoo

 sycamore creek

  st patricks day

jerome...wishing i had thought to make a cute face in this photo.  way to make me look dumb Browns.

my goal for the next few posts are to be scout free.  i love my girl but im really struggling to find photos without my child.


Courtney Thompson said...

did you cut your hair?? i can't believe how big scoutie girl is getting! my goodness- time flies! glad you guys had a good vacation! is peter getting excited about being done with school??? do you guys have any plans yet? fill me in! love ya!! court

Heidi and Bryan said...

Scout is so cute, and growing up so fast!!