Friday, March 16, 2012

I've Seen It All

Peter and I have made it a habit of going to at least one concert a year.  As regular concert goers in our youth this is somewhat of a shock to me.  But if your going to only see one show Radiohead was a great choice for the year.   My mind literally exploded as I watched Thom Yorke move and groove, I couldn't take my eyes off him..... and that pony tail.  The only person I have ever met that equals the energy level of this performer is Geoff Lang.  Geoff you may have missed your true calling in life as a performer.  
I realized last night that I have changed a little since being a regular concert goer.  Such as the following:
1.  I was concerned/bugged that all these people were going to drive home after the show.
2.  I wanted to sit.... for a minute.
3.  I couldn't justify buying a $40 shirt. (when did that happen? $40 is the new $20...yikes)
4.  I like the way the show sounds if i plug my ears, the words are much more clear.

I am already anticipating of what concert next year will bring.