Thursday, February 16, 2012

It's Johnnys Birthday

Peter turned 29 today and it got me thinking back to the first February 16th Peter and I spent together.  February 16, 2001.  Im sure most of us remember bits and pieces of mine and Peters relationship that year...a little odd my mother would've said.  But I only have fond memories of that year.  He walked me to classes, comforted me when teachers were mean, danced with me at school dances, showed me how to get into the elevator and gave me rides home from school.  But on February 16, 2001 Peter gave me a baseball as he walked me to seminary.  I'm not really sure why and I don't remember what it said (i really wish i could remember). 

11 years later and we are married with a beautiful baby girl.  Its crazy to believe that we have "been together" for so long.  I love Peter so much and Im so glad he didn't listen to anyone when they said it was weird that he loved me.  I loved you too.
(sorry for the gooshie stuff) 

(photos of peter circa 2001 i think i just found them on facebook)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart

 Someone has a hold of my heart and her name is SCOUT!  I believe my love of holidays transfered through my veins into the heart of my baby girl.  She was such a trooper and a big helper trying to get Peters Valentines Day ready for him.  She stayed shockingly on task as we painted a V-day portrait. 
 Seriously skilled right? 
   Salted caramel cupcakes anyone?  Valentines day is just another Tuesday without some decadent treats.  I was won over when the recipe stated that I would be injecting caramel into the cupcakes and topping them with crushed Skor bars. 
I can partake in a gift I made for Peter, right?  I think I have already eaten the lions share.

Getting things ready for our Valentine, Papa Pete, was a blast.  After the painting and the cupcakes we even made it downtown to hit up the Phoenix Children's Museum and Smeeks candy store.  Where we took this photo.  Check out that mouth.  Is there even a question of who she looks like...I don't think so.
I love you my Valentines.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Between Love And Hate

i have tried to quit drinking soda many times, however it always slowly creeps back into my life....soda saturdays, special events/parties.  then it turns to most weekdays, at restaurants, during basketball games or movies and of course the weekend.  
whenever im having a long day i convince myself i "deserve" a soda.  telling myself "Peter doesn't get home till 9:30pm, how will i survive without a diet dp pick me up".  so i put Scout in her bike seat and take a ride down to QT where i awkwardly ride to the park balancing a 32oz in one hand where i push my baby in the swings till im done.  
but what i have realized is that soda is my gateway drug.  first its a soda then im eating a grip of cookies and ice cream followed by some sort of candy.
im making it public from this day forward i will never drink soda....ever.
not even on saturdays even if im having a bummer long day.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm In The Mood For Love

 When I caught wind of a chocolate festival which includes chocolate dipped bacon and jalapenos my interest was peaked.  My tongue was not up for the spicy jalapeno treat so I settled on a sensible chocolate cheese cake.  Scout was reluctant at first with swim suit season just around the corner....
  ...then she warmed up and was bummed when she was told to share.  
Valentines Day is never a holiday that we get into too much but since I've had Scout I want to do anything and everything holiday.  This is again proof that I am not willing to admit that my child is still a baby.