Thursday, January 26, 2012

Drop Dead Legs

 In preparation for the upcoming holiday we are crafting all things Valentine.  My favorite so far are Scouts 'sock leggings'.  A good sport about most things that I do Scout is shaping up to be an amazing girl, real best friend material.  Not only does she let me dress her in ridiculous outfits (note the above outfit).  She also thinks everything I say is funny and applauds my dancing.  A real self esteem booster.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Under A Blanket Of Blue

It may not be a confession to many of you but something I rarely willingly tell people....I have a woobie (a blankie).  I have had it since I was about 4 and I take it everywhere.  Before Scout was born I made her a woobie and I think she loves it just as much as I love mine.  She willingly goes to sleep as long as woobie is by her side, rubs her face into it and just closes her eyes and falls asleep.  But after a few minutes she looks like this....just a woobie with hands and feet.  Don't even think about removing it from her face she immediately wakes up and puts it back.  This however is something she inherited from Peter. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Last Of The Steam Powered Trains

 We had a great MLK weekend outside.  Growing up in the desert I never appreciated cactus and gravel landscape, but now I love it!  It is especially beautiful after a wet summer.  It was so green, with huge rolling hills of grass.  The fresh smell of Creosote in the air was amazing.

 We went to McCormick Park for the first time in ages.  I always loved the pueblo depot and old time stagecoach as a kid and was excited to see them still in use.  Scout really liked waving to the people on the train as they rode by while we were picnicking in the grass.  Needless to say, it was a great family outing.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Castles In The Air

We are really taking advantage of the AZ winter weather and getting outside.  This weekend we went to the Arizona Mystery Castle, it is an Arizona must see.  Super crazy place, its built out of cement and rock and everything else you can imagine.  This old lady actually lived here up until a year ago, which would gross me out to death.  Everything is dusty and she had a lot of stuffed animals my 2 least favorite things.....and my ultimate nightmare dusty stuffed animals.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Still Want A Hula Hoop

Peter and I have a serious love of the holiday season, much to my families dismay.  We have been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving and upped our holiday movie collection to a solid 25 holiday films.  We love buying gifts and doing anything holiday related.  Scout had a blast picking out her gift for the cousins gift exchange, we figured this face meant she liked it.

We love having papa pete around, she just loves her dad.  4 weeks is just not a long enough break, and we are seriously dreading next Monday when life goes back to normal and everyone goes back to work and school.

 Merry Christmas Meat Man!  I hope you keep us all well fed through 2012 with smoked meat.

 Thanks to the Haught family we were able to spend a night in Greer and then hit the slopes for some light sledding.  It was so fun to get all bundled up and play around in the snow.  However, I am glad that I don't live in the snow anymore, getting Scout all bundled up was miserable, mittens should not be part of a babies wardrobe.  

We had a great Christmas and New Years, looking forward to lots of changes this next year.  Hopefully they will all be good.

New Years Resolution:
Decide what I need to do to be happy everyday!