Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Black Smoke

I decided to play a little trick on Peter for his birthday.

The month before his birthday I kept telling Peter we needed to wait to buy his bike till we had all the money saved, But I was planning to buy it for him as a surprise all along. So, on the day of his birthday I bought the bike and stashed it in the back yard. When he got home from school, I informed him I had changed my mind about buying the bike and we should do it right now. He was so excited as we headed down there, but I knew full well that the bike is no longer there. His heart sank like a stone when they told him it would be a few months till they could get another one. We left empty handed (wink!).

I think it's only me who thinks things like this are funny.

Then after hitting up Joe's Farm Grill and Krispy Kream, the first leg in the birthday trifecta, we went home to pick up bicycles and ride to Joe's BBQ and Liberty Market. That's when he found his bike nicely placed in the backyard.
And that's when I was deemed the best wife ever.

Peter fell in love with the bike when he realized it was a good 3 inches larger than your standard cruiser. Can you see the size difference?

I hope Joe realizes people like the Dangerford's take advantage of his $10 free birthday dinner by hitting up all 3 of his restaurants.

Happy Birthday Peter!

Love Lacy and Scout

Friday, February 18, 2011

There and Back Again, a Fat Tale

All I'm missing is the acid wash jeans and plaid scrunchie.

I've really been missing my "let it all out" days. So I'm bring it back. Haven't quite hit my moon face phase, but I'm really hoping to reach it by bikini season.
Cross your fingers.

Friday, February 11, 2011

We're Back In Action!

After a "brief" hiatus the dangerfords felt it was necessary to start up the ol' blog.
After enjoying dinner at the Thai Elephant, Peter took me to my first Suns game so I could fulfill my wish of asking Marcin Gortat if he wants to be my best friend. Unfortunately, he declined my request.

I have come to the conclusion that it is always best to accept offers for free face painting.....well at least I think it was free.

Thanks to Peters friend Megan we got these great seats, nice and padded. Although the extra padding made it so that my feet were 5 inches from touching the ground....which made for a very uncomfortable evening.

Hey remember when Nash did that....

Ps- I even got to see Siler play, what a night.

Pss- I'm pregnant!