Friday, March 25, 2011

Where Did My Spring Go?

We took the bikes down to Tempe Town Lake to ride around and fly some kites, unfortunately kites don't work in Arizona. Peter didn't let that stop him from trying, we found out kites stay up if you keep running.

Because of Peters obsession with BBQ these days we decided to cash in our groupon and enjoy some BBQ, after an afternoon at the park. Lunch just proved that Honey Bears can't compare to Peters smoked pork smothered in Papa Pete's Poison.

We decided that we were spending too much money on QT donuts and sodas. So in an attempt to cut back we decided to make our own chocolate cake donuts. Peter I'm still convinced no one has ever heard of a buttermilk bar.

Thanks to glowing diva we had a bang up spring break. Our hiking trip to Sedona was a pizz-a heaven.

Look at that gut, who knows how I managed that thing there and back. At one point we had to cross the water. We were told the water would be 'slow and low', however it was anything but. We were gonna brave it then quickly remembered that I was 7 months pregnant and Matt had Olive strapped to his chest. So that is when we turned around and headed back.

AMOCOCO, the inflatable blowup light exhibit made me feel like I was wondering through a network of veins.

Spring break was just a tease, I can't wait for summer time.