Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Leaving This Town

Matthew is gone....he left for Salt Lake and will soon leave for Argentina.   I still remember the day Matthew was born.  I was in the second grade and my mom, Granny D, rode her bike down to Houston to tell me he had been born.  Its strange to think that so many years have gone by.  Its been fun to reminisce, Matthew remembers Ty and I helping him learn to ride a bike, and how he had the most ridiculous batting stance as a t-ball player.   Matthew we will miss you tons, you are such a sweet kid always so nice and pleasant to be around.  You will be a great missionary.  We will pray for you constantly and just always remember that your family loves you.

-Lacy, Peter and Scout 

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Summer said...

I love and miss that sweet little boy, but I'm so proud of the wonderful young man he has become. He will be an excellent missionary!