Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Someone's Got A Hold Of My Heart

 Someone has a hold of my heart and her name is SCOUT!  I believe my love of holidays transfered through my veins into the heart of my baby girl.  She was such a trooper and a big helper trying to get Peters Valentines Day ready for him.  She stayed shockingly on task as we painted a V-day portrait. 
 Seriously skilled right? 
   Salted caramel cupcakes anyone?  Valentines day is just another Tuesday without some decadent treats.  I was won over when the recipe stated that I would be injecting caramel into the cupcakes and topping them with crushed Skor bars. 
I can partake in a gift I made for Peter, right?  I think I have already eaten the lions share.

Getting things ready for our Valentine, Papa Pete, was a blast.  After the painting and the cupcakes we even made it downtown to hit up the Phoenix Children's Museum and Smeeks candy store.  Where we took this photo.  Check out that mouth.  Is there even a question of who she looks like...I don't think so.
I love you my Valentines.


Susan said...

aw, so sweet... those cupcakes look amazing. I love smeeks! i really want to buy one of their cute retro lunch boxes! :)

shanna kesler said...

What a sweet picture of you and Scout! I love photo booth pictures. And anything salted caramel. Those cupcakes look insane.