Sunday, February 12, 2012

Between Love And Hate

i have tried to quit drinking soda many times, however it always slowly creeps back into my life....soda saturdays, special events/parties.  then it turns to most weekdays, at restaurants, during basketball games or movies and of course the weekend.  
whenever im having a long day i convince myself i "deserve" a soda.  telling myself "Peter doesn't get home till 9:30pm, how will i survive without a diet dp pick me up".  so i put Scout in her bike seat and take a ride down to QT where i awkwardly ride to the park balancing a 32oz in one hand where i push my baby in the swings till im done.  
but what i have realized is that soda is my gateway drug.  first its a soda then im eating a grip of cookies and ice cream followed by some sort of candy.
im making it public from this day forward i will never drink soda....ever.
not even on saturdays even if im having a bummer long day.

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Courtney Thompson said...

good for you! chris is on a diet right now, so he's off soda 6 days a week- its amazing the amount of weight you drop when you don't drink it! :) good luck!! we need to Skype!!! xo