Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I Get It I'm Out of Shape!

Just wanted to post this really "hot" picture of me after a great run, which I plan on never doing again for the following reasons:

-my shoes give me blisters
-its all up hill
-my "keep me cool" necktie doesn't "keep me cool" long enough
-my running coach is too cute and i get distracted
-all the sidewalks slant towards the road
-i get angry when im hot
-i look like this afterwards


Steve and Shell said...

hahahaha. i love this picture. it got too hot to run here too. thats what i look like on an average day just walking around, i swear.

p.s. i like your running accessory! (the necktie!) you should try running with those ones that are full with stuff and you put them in the freezer and then they are cool for hours! (you know what im talkin bout?) i used to wear those around the house when i was younger.

Brown Sugar said...

running is an un-natural movement for the body, dont fight it. It never gets easier.

Cicily said...

That is awesome, I love it. Quit running, it's stupid.

kylie said...

HAHAHA i love this! i am the same! it SUCKS!

Kiz said...

Lacy your a dream. I'm with your friend - I look like that on a daily basis in this heat.

Jena and Jason said...

Ohhhh Lil Lacy! I love the pic. Running makes me freakin hungry, too. Why is that?

kylie said...

turley blog is going private--blog us your email address asap! :)