Monday, August 3, 2009

A Night In Turns Into A Night Out

After spending the entire morning, afternoon and evening inside reading, watching Beverly Hills 90210 (the older years), and making egg rolls I needed a treat before we started our bedtime movie, "The Watchmen".  So Peter walked me to Circle K, but on our way we were stopped by a big party in the streets of Sakaide of all places.  It was wild!  Drums were pounding, people were dancing, and of course venders were selling a bunch of crap. If Japan has one thing goign for it it's the great sense of communal unity, there is always a party.  

Here is Peter pre-party making delicious egg rolls.
Thank goodness I had already had dinner:(  Squid on a stick anyone? I'll take a hot dog please!
The kids catch eels in a shallow tank with a hook on a stick.  One kid just shoved his hook through its gills. I got real pukey! Eels kinda scare me too, they are very suspicious looking.

There were about 10 of these float-like things lined up next to each other. I think it was some sort of float battle.


Although our day inside was amazing, getting out is always nice too.


kylie said...


The Keslers said...

I'd take a hot dog too. I don't like squid.

Aileena said...

The squid thing grosses me out-Hey do you read my blog?

Cicily said...

Dude, your city rocks. They never serve squid here, lame. Those floats were so coordinated.