Friday, August 21, 2009

Camping in the Canyon!

So I know these pictures are not in any sort of order but I was just so excited to finally figure out how to post more than four photos that I had to do it. Anyway this is a snippet of our Obon weekend.
This is me trying to steal a bit of Peter's potato, tofu, and unknown gelatin on a stick. Of the three choices I went with the potato, a decision I immediately regretted. And not because the others were better, but rather because the whole thing was sick. Peter wasn't too satisfied with the purchase himself, but he is trying to be more adventurous with the foods he eats. I'm still sticking with what I know. Japanese food grosses me out.
This is a photo of the canyon we camped in.
Thank you Courtney for not forgetting your camera. Camping by the river brought back a flood of Montana memories, the good and the bad. For what it's worth, the scenery was breathtaking.
This is a picture of us up on the so-called "vine bridge" which, I will tell you, is not really a vine bridge but a cleverly disguised cable bridge. We were all a little disappointed by that, but it was still very scary to walk across. For me anyways.
Can you see the fear in my face? I was seriously terrified to be on that bridge. The gaps were so big I promise I could have easily fallen through.

This was a little swimming hole close to where we were camping. The water was so blue and refreshing. It was really nice to get into after everything with Happy Raft was all said and done.

Here is Peter with his grilling face on... you know the furrowed brow, where he kinda looks angry. Rie and Katsumi are next to him eating some dinner after a long day on the river. Rafting seemed like a bit of a shock to both of them, but they were really fun to have around.
Me at an early morning duck feeding. I was later joined by an old man that seemed to do this every morning. The experience as a whole was pretty cathartic. Although I will never know how those ducks were withstanding that current. That river is pretty intense.
More pictures to come of our weekend in Saijo, rafting and canyoneering.


Heidi and Bryan said...

that looks like fun! hopefully that was the little vacation that you needed

kylie said...

i so jealous i so jealous i so jealous


Kiz said...

Beautiful! That makes me long for Montana as well. We should make plans for next summer - will you guys be around?

Steve and Shell said...

your hair looks amazing!

we miss you here in az.

Lesa (alias: Mom) said...

This is Susans mom. I hope you don't mind me spying on your blog. It's just so interesting that you're in another country having this great adventure.
Feel free to look at my blog too.
It's not interesting like yours though.
I hope you stay well and continue to have some fun.