Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Still Want A Hula Hoop

Peter and I have a serious love of the holiday season, much to my families dismay.  We have been watching Christmas movies since Thanksgiving and upped our holiday movie collection to a solid 25 holiday films.  We love buying gifts and doing anything holiday related.  Scout had a blast picking out her gift for the cousins gift exchange, we figured this face meant she liked it.

We love having papa pete around, she just loves her dad.  4 weeks is just not a long enough break, and we are seriously dreading next Monday when life goes back to normal and everyone goes back to work and school.

 Merry Christmas Meat Man!  I hope you keep us all well fed through 2012 with smoked meat.

 Thanks to the Haught family we were able to spend a night in Greer and then hit the slopes for some light sledding.  It was so fun to get all bundled up and play around in the snow.  However, I am glad that I don't live in the snow anymore, getting Scout all bundled up was miserable, mittens should not be part of a babies wardrobe.  

We had a great Christmas and New Years, looking forward to lots of changes this next year.  Hopefully they will all be good.

New Years Resolution:
Decide what I need to do to be happy everyday!

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Courtney Thompson said...

that's a mighty nice grill, meat man! sweet! hope you guys had a wonderful holiday! we had a good time in georgia even though the 26 hour drive was a beast (chris insisted we drive straight through to maximize our days- ugh!) now we are back to the grind too... boo! just remember to tell yourself every day that peter is almost done with school and then you'll get to embark on a new exciting adventure! love love love you guys! give scout kisses on those cute cheeks for me! xo, c