Monday, November 28, 2011

Hoop-de Doop, Dickory Dock

holidays = fun!
parades, candy, bike rides, Santa, sleep, fires, food, hats, family and a deep fried frenzy.  
unable to contain ourselves waiting for the abc family 25 days of Christmas, we have watched most of our Christmas movies already, and im sure we will watch them another 3 times before Christmas.
looking forward to temple lights, tamales and gift giving.



Susan said...

that scout is pretty much the cutest scout ever. I just can't get enough picture of her!! Hooray for the holidays!!

courtneyadele said...

ohmagosh she's getting cuter and cuter! love all the pics! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! we miss your faces!! xoxox

Kendra said...

oh, I love those furtrapper hats!