Friday, February 11, 2011

We're Back In Action!

After a "brief" hiatus the dangerfords felt it was necessary to start up the ol' blog.
After enjoying dinner at the Thai Elephant, Peter took me to my first Suns game so I could fulfill my wish of asking Marcin Gortat if he wants to be my best friend. Unfortunately, he declined my request.

I have come to the conclusion that it is always best to accept offers for free face painting.....well at least I think it was free.

Thanks to Peters friend Megan we got these great seats, nice and padded. Although the extra padding made it so that my feet were 5 inches from touching the ground....which made for a very uncomfortable evening.

Hey remember when Nash did that....

Ps- I even got to see Siler play, what a night.

Pss- I'm pregnant!


Heidi and Bryan said...

I'm so excited you're pregnant! I want to see baby bump pictures.

courtneyadele said...

yay for you being back! :) my guilt trip must have worked last week hehehe... next post baby bump pictures! :) love you guys!

ps peter, i met a recent social work masters program grad- she was thrilled to be done, and said it's totally worth it :) she's on her way to working in the texas prison system... fun times!