Monday, April 5, 2010

We Belong Among the Wildflowers

Spring is here and the Dangerfords are happy. Finally able to spend some time outside we are taking full advantage of the season. Sakura or cherry blossom season is beautiful here in Japan. The mountains are covered with pale pink and everyone is around. One thing that I love about Japan is their love of the outdoors. I have seen more gaijin (foreigners) in the past 2 days than I have my entire stay here.
Funny story: While visiting a local park at night for the sakura light-up, I was in the restroom washing my hands when a male gaijin walked in. We both stared at each other for a good minute, knowing good and well that the other spoke english. For some reason I couldn't think of what to do, as if he wouldn't understand me if I told him this was the ladies room. It was very strange.

I love looking at Peter from behind.

Marugame castle is one of our favorite spots here in Japan. There are castles everywhere, but this one has beautiful grounds were you could actually sit in the grass. Grass is extremely rare here in Japan. One thing I am really looking forward to when we return home is a picnic in a grassy park with my levi blanket. I really miss my levi blanket.

I love these flowers they are huge and grow on these trees that have no leaves just flowers.

This kid was cracking me up.

Have I been in Japan too long or is walking a cat on a leash strange in the states too?

And check out this all-star in his denim one piece. I could never dream of being as fashionable as Haru here.


Susan said...

These pictures are beautiful!!

Suzie said...

I'm so, So jealous. Enjoy Ohanami, guys. You've earned it.

Cicily said...

That is awesome, cherry blossoms are so pretty. PS, your church outfit is adorable.

Heidi and Bryan said...

That looks so pretty, is this your first experience with cherry blossoms too? It is mine, and I'm loving it! Oh, and your hair got so long, it looks pretty! Enjoy your last few months there

Brown Sugar said...

is there room on that levi blanket for one more?