Saturday, April 10, 2010

I Want To Break Free

A treat that I never thought too much about but still loved was the KitKat. Japan has taken the KitKat to the next level with its variety of flavors. But in true Japan fashion the flavors are only seasonal, lasting 2 weeks to 2 months. Here Peter has purchased a KitKat out of a vending machine. They come in a glass jar and are really cold, it's great!

Most of the time I can't read the flavors and sometimes have a hard time guessing what it is. Like this one, that to me looks like a mochi ball filled with ground beef. I later learned that its some sort of curry ball. It tasted like peanut butter.

This one was vegetable juice. ITOEN (printed in the bottom right corner)is a veggie juice similar to V8 splash. I didn't really like this one.

Here we were trying mango and Japanese plum drink.

Most recently we have found green tea sakura flavor.
Other flavors we have tried include: apple cider vinegar, lemon vinegar, strawberry, banana, dark chocolate, tart orange, orange, passion fruit & raspberry, flan, maple and rose. They have this one that is called Calpis, it is a very popular drink here in Japan that one is next on my list.


Lesa (alias: Mom) said...

This is Susans mom. I hope it's okay that I look at your blog sometimes. You are the only people I know in a foreign country. It's interesting to see what Japan is like.
Believe it or not, Sandy has had a huge China Market for a couple of years now. I think some of the food in there is similar to what you run across in Japan. This store has the biggest fish selection I've ever seen. When I go in there everyone is speaking Japanese. I feel a bit out of place. If it weren't for this store I'd have no clue that so many orientals actually live here among us.
Anyway, your blog is interesting. What great experiences and memories you are collecting.

Suzie said...

You forgot yellow AND white peach! My favorites include (but aren't limited to) cookies 'n' cream, red azuki bean, sakura and green muscat grape!

Cicily said...

That is gross, bring me one home.

Peter and Lacy said...

cicily im going to bring you home egg flavor, you like eggs right?

Cicily said...

Don't be a jerk face.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

i am DYING to try these. They did a special on NPR. I'll give you my first born unicorn if you bring me one home :)