Monday, February 15, 2010

You Say It's Your Birthday

Top 5 reasons I love Peter to death:

1. His love of great country music.
2. He will always eat the food I make even if it tastes nothing like what it was supposed to. Tonight it was the zucchini bread. He also likes to bake with me.
3. He will offer to pluck my eyebrows when they get out of control. It's probably only because he is embarrassed of me, but I love it anyway.
4. He is amazing at everything he does. Sports, school, his work; I really admire him.
5. He can grow a very handsome beard.

Happy Birthday Peter, I love you so much!

PS - Peter got an acceptance letter today from the University of Denver, along with a $20,000 scholarship if he decides to go there.

PPS - This is a recent picture of him that was taken right after he took his first bite of genuine Kobe beef during our trip to Kobe, Japan last week. I love it!


Susan said...

What a handsome pic of Peter! :0 Happy Birthday to YOU!!

Kayla Roussel said...

happy birthday!!!!

Steve and Shell said...

Happy b-day Pete and congrats on the scholarship at DU!