Sunday, February 7, 2010


The Kingdom of Angkor.... here it is. We have so many pictures it was really hard to decide which ones to put on the blog. Unfortunately I was also really disappointed with how a lot of them actually looked after I posted them. For some reason they looked really washed out. This first photo is the famous Angkor Wat at sunrise. It was an early wake-up and a long wait, but well worth the effort.

It was by far one of the most amazing temples due to the size and detail of the place. We were blown away with the carvings on the walls of all the temples. Literally all the walls were engraved with pictures and stories of ancient history.

We explored Angkor Wat for about 2 hours it was so huge. It has many buildings and they let you climb all over it, which made things very interesting. Many countries from around the world have decided to help with the restoration of certain temples. So many of the temples were under construction while we were exploring them which was a little frustrating when trying to get pictures. I had to be careful to avoid scaffolding.

This is the entry way through a wall that surrounds a large section of the city. I always thought that that was the face of Buddha but it is actually the face of the King.

The king had his face all over this temple, the Bayon. I think we counted about 50.

So many elephants, this is called the parade of elephants.

Some of the steps got too tiny and steep (and were covered in a fine dust) I didn't dare go up this one after our tuktuk driver told us a man from Korea fell last week and had to be air lifted to the hospital. For those of you who remember the Mooney Falls episode I had, remember I do not do well with heights.

The Silk Wood trees were my favorite they really add to the mystique of the temples. We felt like Indiana Jones.

Isn't it amazing how large these trees have grown since the city has fallen?

I wish these pictures didn't get so small and washed out this picture is beautiful. My blog doesn't do it justice.

Another favorite spot.

Peter really wanted to try a coconut because everyone said that they were delicious. So we decided we need to try one and thats when we found out coconut juice is terrible. I had to throw it out of the tuktuk because neither one of us was willing to drink it and it was splashing everywhere, they hold a lot of juice.

This was a door way.

This sight was amazing. Although it was extremely far away, required a long hike and led to an interesting argument with our tuk tuk driver it was worth the effort. The river was engraved with religious symbols for ritual purposes.

"I ain't lyin' , it's the Bayon." Peter was really wanting that to post his new catch phrase. Don't tell him but I don't think its that funny. Cambodia was our favorite part of the trip we have so many stories and details about the temples that I was not willing to write out. I really just wanted everyone to see the pictures and get an idea of the adventures that we had. I am sure Peter will go back and edit my post and input information about all the temples.


Spencer said...

cambodia was for sure my favorite. the other countries were great, but there is something special about that place. i would love to go back

Lesa (alias: Mom) said...

I was on my daughter Susans blog and decided to look at the link to your blog.
Your pictures are so interesting. It makes Utah seem pretty ordinary.
You will never forget this adventure. It's an amazing thing that you are doing.

Kylie said...

AH YES! we miss the great angkor! ohhh yes we do!