Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our Mother the Mountain

We know we have shown you a lot of rafting pictures but our latest rafting voyage was by moonlight. We got on the river around ten and finished around two in the morning. The water was low and the experience was cathartic. Period.

It's taken us 5 months but we finally got to Mt. Ishizuchi, the tallest peak on Shikoku. Taking the ropeway half way up the mountain to begin our hike was beautiful. The fog was so thick we couldn't see where we were going or where we had come from.

I look happy here but like at Moony Falls in Havasupi by the time I had reached my destination I was sweaty and angry. Watching little old ladies (weighing no more than 85 lbs or 38.5 kg) climb these "God Chains" only made us feel worse. I hate heights.

Peter at our stopping point for the day. Due to time constraints we couldn't reach the real peak. No one was really up for a full day anyway, due to our late night rafting, "God Chains", and the stairs (they felt endless).

Peter is finally starting to use the camera. Its nice getting pictures of myself once in awhile. I am easily the cuter one in this relationship.

Isn't this a great view? The picture doesn't show the half of it.

I love you Peter!
I definitely think you are the cuter one in this relationship.

PS- We will miss you Chris and Courtney! It's been a good ride.


Heidi and Bryan said...

that looks so fun, i'm so glad to see you guys having such a good time!

Suzie said...

You guys are cute together - it's synergy. :) Great photos, Lacy.

Kylie said...

sooo many adventures. you guys make me cringe with jealousy. we need an outdoors adventure. together. let's do it someday.

Kiz said...

Peter - I'm loving the beard!
Looks like another wonderful adventure. Love you guys!

Cicily said...

The cables coming out of nowhere freaks me out. I love it, looks like an awesome trip.

Steve and Shell said...

lacy i miss you come home already.

rafting an all nighter sounds miserable to me, only because i would probably be asleep the whole time.