Monday, September 28, 2009

Let's Go Away For Awhile

Our most recent adventure in Japan was by far the most memorable to date. We rode 45 miles on bikes from Shikoku to Hiroshima across a series of beautiful islands and large expansion bridges. And all we took with us was a change of clothes, a tent, and woobie.

Here are Peter and Chris. They may be smiling in the picture, but thanks to some really uncomfortable bikes everyone's butt fell off soon after mile 5.

Luckily we were able to find our butts at this nice rest stop.

Even though our booties were really sore (and we mean really sore), the bike ride was actually really fun. Peter and I were able to stay in high spirits the entire time. Honestly we were on the road for 12 hours. By the time it was all over, we were zonked.

Hoboin' ain't easy.

Peter is now an adventurer.
I never believed he could go so many days without a shower and prepared meals. So, everyone needs to send all future mail to Adv. Peter Dangerfield.

This is the photo shoot location of Chris and Peter's up coming comic book. Details coming soon!

You know how sometimes they say you look just like you feel.

Here is one of the many famous pagodas in Japan.

In Miyajima, the second stop on our trip, deer roamed the town like pigeons in New York. Paper was only one of the many odd things that we saw the deer eating. Chicken, plastic, wooden sticks, clothing and butts (seriously) to name a few.

One of the most visited sights in Japan is the Itsukushima Jinja Shrine, also known as the "Floating Torii".

At low tide you can actually walk out to the torii. Because we spent the whole day there we were able to see the torii at high tide, low tide and at night.

All we are saying, is give it a chance.

Even though it was raining on us while we were looking at the paper crane display, it was still inspiring.

A-Bomb Dome. Hiroshima.

The only building left after the dropping of the atomic bomb.

We were blown away by seeing pictures and models of what the bomb actually did to the city. The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum was eye opening.

Peter was bugged by how many times I rang the peace bell. There was a line, but I wanted this picture and I really love peace.

Eating at Subway may seem like nothing, but finding a good sandwich in Japan is next to impossible.

In all honesty, this trip felt cursed in some way. Nothing seemed to go right. Needless to say, we weren't too surprised when it started raining while we were at the Peace Park. Thank heavens for the 100 yen store and its cheap ponchos.

Due to the rain, we had to cancel the bike ride home and hopped on a Shinkansen Bullet Train home.

Sure, a lot of things went wrong...

Bad Bikes
Sore Butts
Expensive Water
Missed Ferries
Japanese Food
No Blanket and Only One Pillow
Everything Shutting Down at 5:30
Bad Walking Shoes
No Banks
Rain, Rain and More Rain
Not Speaking Japanese
Being Socially and Racially Profiled By Most People
Lying Hotel Managers

But trips are always more memorable when things go wrong.

It was great.


Kylie said...

HAHA! i seriously LOVE this post. fav fav fav of all. totally sums up the traveling lifestyle. man i miss it, i love your adventures and i think you forgot to take something along, MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! freakign awesome. yay for the peace bell, yay for japan, not yay for hiroshima, but yay for a freaking rad bike tour excursion in japan!!!!

courtney*adele said...

love the first butt shot photo of me- haha... that had to have been the craziest trip EVER!!! but it was too much fun! thanks for adventuring with us! priceless memories!

NEC said...

Hey so what is wrong with Japanese food? I would like clarification because I dream that it is the land of sushi. ps: this is cousin nikki christensen

Cicily said...

Fun trip, I'm glad you finally posted some pictures. I especially love the pissed picture, classic. The pagodas are so cool, you guys are lucky getting to see all of that cool stuff. I want more adventures and more pictures.

shanna said...

Wow that looks amazing. I'm super jealous of your adventures.

Brown Sugar said...

you guys are super at your lives. keep enjoying them.
peter, i am reading native son for a class right now. great recommendation by you. you told me to read it and invisible man last time you were in america. its one of my favorite books now. just thought you'd like to know that i now know what you have already known. thanks, man. i would email you, but i'm not good at that and i don't know if you still use the niraidak (?) one.
keep up the great work you guys. see you around.
- matt b.