Saturday, July 18, 2009

Kompirasan Shrine in Kotohira, Japan

Yippy! We did it, we climbed 1362 stairs to a beautiful temple that I can't remember how to spell. It wasn't that bad I was just hoping that you would be as impressed with our cl
imb as the Japanese people are. It is thought to be a huge accomplishment.
This is me looking real cute and sweaty around step 746.
Look at those steps what a booty work out. I already have a killer booty.
This is one of many temples areas on the hike to the top of the mountain. It was all so beautiful. All the temples here are.


Steve and Shell said...

my knees hurt thinking about those steps!

Susan said...

Looks like you're getting enough exercise for the both of us!!

Kylie said...

asians always put their temples at the top of billions of stairs. it's a good idea b/c the ones that make it are the ones that really want to be there.

Brown Sugar said...

Do the Japanese have no concept of work out clothes like the Chinese? This always fascinated me about China, we hiked yellow mountain and all the Chinese men were in dress slacks and button up shirts.

Aileena said...

I love all those steps. Did you have old ladies bookin' it up past you. We were amazed at all the old ladies just cruising past us.