Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy 4th of July to you too!

Well whoever said that 4th of July outside of the beautiful United States is no fun has never met the Dangerfords. Being in the future Peter had the pleasure of celebrating his favorite holiday twice,(once on the 4th here in Japan and the other on "the real 4th" which was the 5th here).
Well here we are being as patriotic as we could.

Peter patriotically holding the fireworks!

Angela making sure everyone had plenty of s'mores.
It's not the 4th of July unless Peter is behind the grill.
Everyone sitting around hoping the rain will stop so Peter will attempt to get into the ocean.
Hope your day was amazing see you next 4th of July party.


Brown Sugar said...

I think the best 4th I ever had was spent out of the country eating something that was marketing itself as a hot dog but clearly wasn't and clubbing all night until I threw up said hot dog. You can't keep the Red, White and Blue down.

Kylie said...

ahh looks like fun! they have s'mores in japan? dude that's sweet. i LOVE s'mores. i hear japan has some of the dopest fireworks. china had such CHEAP fireworks we'd do it just for fun to entertain ourselves. ON CAMPUS. it was sweet.

Aileena said...

sounds great! Way to go by celebrating in a traditional way. I think on the 4th we went to a mud festival.