Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons to begin "going japanese" part 2

Peter and I have noticed the abundant number of beautiful parks that fill Japan.  Just look at this park that Peter is enjoying.... I say beautiful.  Who needs Freestone.  Not me and certainly not any child in Japan, we'll stick with our dirt lots thank you.

The vegetation here is amazing.  Japan is one giant solid bush.  The trees, flowers and other plants are like nothing I have ever seen. 
(that flower probably comes from the states) 
The country is already set up for the blind! Just in case, at least I know I could still get around.  
I can still reach my goals of becoming a domestic diva! This was my first attempt at making something is my microven (thats microwave and oven combined).  I wasn't convinced that the futuristic microven would really bake stuff.  Its a really strange appliance. 
ps- this is banana bread, not meat loaf.
Japan really is great and we are having a fantastic time.  But we really really miss you all.
Kiss, kiss!


Steve and Shell said...

when we both live in az, we will be culinary queens. mark my words.

p.s. lets plan a gchat soon.

Kylie said...

HAHA love that picture of your hub, i laughed out loud. and that banana bread looks DELICIOUS. AND...i just laugh when i read this. okay? yea. funny.

shanna said...

You became a domestic diva the moment you came out of DeAnn Ford's womb.