Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons to begin "going japanese" part 1

There are many things that we love about the country Japan.  None of them involve children or teaching.

Grocery shopping is always a trip as mention in my last post involving an alive fish rapped in plastic.  Peter is holding a product that we have still yet to find out what it is, all I know is that its bright pink or blue and looks like your small intestine.  So we are guessing pig intestine infected with swine flu.
Japan has great zoos.  This monkey was the most lively animal.  Other animals in the exhibit displayed many near dead animals including: a goat, rabbits, peacocks, swans (some out of water), a javelina, and many varieties of chickens.
Squatters! The one real life thing that living in a tent in Montana taught me, how to squat and pee!  
(notice: same face as featured above)
The Japanese are very fit.  Peter and I are hoping to eventually work up to a full backbend.  


Aileena said...

ah-squatters. there not as popular here. I've only used them twice. But I miss the japanese heated toilet seats on the "western style" toilets. I also miss Ritsurin Park. You need to visit it. Yes the Japanese are very flexible. Have you seen the people who just squat down on the sidewalks. They can do that for hours!!!!

Steve and Shell said...

i love zoo's, especially in other countries! We went to one in Spain, where the Spaniards were basically feeding the animals cigarettes! cool!

Kylie said...

hahaha love it. i was a great squatter beforehand b/c of camping all my life, so i too found that a blessing and it really helps when you're squatting with your clean bum hovering over puddles of pee and a "wet" floor of "what?" that was my experience. haha.

Steve and Shell said...

steve watched me poop in a squatter. gross of him, huh.

Jena and Jason said...

That's an awesome bendy thing. Ohhh sluggish America when will we ever catch up to the rest of the world. Lacy this is Jena from high school/lived in provo. And yes I am a horrible friend. We hung out once while you were in provo. But you guys are on to bigger and better things than provo and I am way excited for you. hey funny pics, keep um comin.