Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sometimes I love the Snow!

We are so excited to come home on Tuesday and see you all! We have been trying to enjoy Christmas as much as possible here before we leave and now that Peter is done with school we have tons of time to do Christmas things.
The weekend went as follows:

Heres Peter making the best sugar cookies of all time. Thanks kizzy for getting me the recipe.
The snow has really made it feel like Christmas. No one here puts up Christmas lights so I was really welcoming to the snow when it came.  It made it feel like Christmas.  
Heres Peter Sliding on the snow in the empty streets, I get too nervous to slide due to a broom hockey accident.  
I think it snowed like 10 inches that afternoon.... thats probably not true but it felt like it.
Here we are out to eat to celebrate everyone being done with school, you would think that they were going to die the way they were talking about their final week at school. What babies, especially you Manasseh no one feels sorry for you!   
Well we hope that you all have been enjoying the holidays as much as we have. Oh to top off this Christmas weekend Peter actually  convinced me into opening all of our presents, it was great!  
We will see you all in a couple of days!
ps: shelly we must make plans so that I can see you before you leave to Mexico.


Susan said...

Hey, we are excited to see you guys! Glad to see you survived finals week Pete. Ben

Kylie said...

haha i can't believe you opened all of them! that's hilarious. now what will you do christmas morning? look at each other and laugh? funny...i miss the snow. your pictures made me homesick but i'll survive. where are you two living and how on earth do people NOT decorate? terrible.

The Keslers said...
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The Keslers said...

That's so funny! We opened some of ours too...oh well. Can't wait for you guys to come down!

P.S. I loved your cute Christmas cards.

Steve and Shell said...

dont you worry. i am without job or school. so i am all yours at your disposal.

Bryan and Heidi said...

Thats so fun that you got to play in the snow! You won't get it in AZ so enjoy it while it lasts! Hopefully we get to see you guys while your in townm but if not MErry Christmas, and thank for the cute card!