Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food poison?

So yesterday for lunch we went to Dew, this new sandwich place in provo that we love.  But I don't love it anymore.  20 minutes after I got back to work from lunch my tummy started to hurt.  "Oh i'm just digesting weird."  That was not the case I pukied my guts out for a couple hours and by the time Peter got home around 11pm, I was feeling tons better.  It's sad but I will never have another Dew sandwich.
Ps- Although I am still grossed out by my BBQ pork sandwich, it probably wasn't the pork that made me sick.  It was probably one of the veggies in the sandwich. You usually get food poison from lettuce or other veggies.  Thanks Lachelle for the info.


The Ruttingers said...

oh sad... Are you in town for halloween??? if so if you are interested we are having people over to pass cotton candy out and have cider. let me know

Rick and Aileena said...

Im sorry about the food poisoning. Not fun. Hopefully the yucky feeling left quickly. I am missing you terribly Lacy, especially now that its Halloween going on the Holiday season. Who will I watch Teen Witch with? Who will I make delectable chocolate truffles with, who will I drink too much rootbeer with? They don't even have rootbeer here. And Rick is bah humbugging his way through this season as usual. I really, really miss you!

Cicily said...

gRoss!! I hate food poisoning, almost as much as I hated sharing a bed with you when you were little. Nose against the wall!!