Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall for a Day

We had the brief feeling of Fall this last weekend so Peter, Scout and I took advantage of every minute.  Evenings in the park with friends and the night of caramel apples just topped off the Fall weekend.  All three of these little girlies where so cute and fun all evening (Lola and Recker too, not pictured).  They had so much fun eating caramel apples and candy.  The weather put everyone in a great mood and got me that much more excited about checking activities off of my Fall TO DO list.  Next, visit a pumpkin patch.

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Courtney Thompson said...

we're in sweaters and wool socks already over here!! we need to catch up on Skype!!!!! we miss you guys tons! scout is getting so big- she is exactly half of you and peter's looks- too cute! xo