Sunday, April 24, 2011


Every time I ride the light rail I always want to stop at Knock Kneed Lobster, a Ford family favorite, and before you ask its much better than Pete's Fish and Chips.
On our way to the Suns game we stopped and walked over to get some dinner. It was a bit of a walk and I almost didn't make it. I hope its due to the 30 extra lbs im carrying around and not a sign that my heart is going to explode.
We went to two games last week and we won tons of prizes. Peter won a Raja Bell signed jersey and I got a signed Amare Stoudemire signed ball. Then the players were throwing t-shirts into the stands and Peter and I both caught one. Fan appreciation night did the Dangerford's well.
We finally got a chance to meet Mr. Orange.
I'm pretty sure I was grossing out all of surrounding patrons with my relaxing positions.
Los Rayas De La Torta caught Peter's eye during an episode of Diners Drive- In's and Dives. I got a chicken avocado torta, it was delicious!
Peter and Wes tackled the monster of a torta which contained chicken, ham, chirizo, hot links and a bunch of other stuff. I was surprised but they finished it.
I hid Peter's Easter basket so well that it took him close to 30 minutes to find it.
Here's the kids cracked out on candy and soda.

Finally Peter found the basket. However after this weekend he has decide no more candy! More for me right?

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