Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Twistin' the Night Away

Passing up a trip to Tokyo was well worth it, getting to see Lachelle and Manasseh was super. Only great friends let you take over their apartment asking little in return, Manasseh the checks in the mail what is the total now.... $20,000?

My favorite was wondering around Central Park with Peter our blood boiling and faces melting. But the trees and beauty blew me away and how despite the heat EVERYONE is outside doing things... tennis, walking dogs, and just walking.

The food....Oh the food! This is nothing compared to the banana pudding or carrot cake donut. And that black and white cookie.

This is a view from the Highline, its an old train track above ground that they have turned into an urban walkway. New York has really figured out how to take advantage of their limited space and utilize old infrastructure. They are turning an old shipping dock under the Brooklyn Bridge into a wave pool!

Peter is a real task master when it comes to the museum viewings. We spent over 7 hours in the Met I thought I was going to die. Here is Peter at the Guggenheim, I think we were here for 2 hours which was the shortest amount of time spent in a museum on this trip.

Relaxing in the park. "Hey man, nice umbrella!"

The Dakotas.

Lady Liberty was beautiful but surprisingly small. Interesting fact about the Statue of Liberty the copper is actually only the thickness of 2 pennies.

My first Broadway plays, Wicked and Promises, Promises. Unfortunately for me I'm short which means that no seat is a good seat. I'm too prideful to use a booster.

Lachelle and Manasseh were able to take us to the Natural History Museum it just made me want to go the the zoo. But here is Peter and Manasseh admiring dinosaur bones or as Manasseh calls them "lies".

Never pay to go to the Empire State building, because I promise it is not as glamorous and romantic as Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks make it appear. After a series of rope mazes and lines for elevators we finally got to the top. It was not worth the wait, but I'm glad I did it.

Thanks you cousin Niki for getting us into a Capitol tour it really made the trip. We also saw the Smithsonian, Holocaust museum, Air and Space, and many monuments like Lincoln Memorial were I was able to sit on Honest Abe's lap. However, I was a little disappointed to find out that the Mall wasn't an actual mall for me to do all my shopping.

Heidi and Bryan thanks for letting us come visit. Next time we know look across the street before you assume your car has been stolen, so logical DC.

I thought I was going to dry up and die right there in Arlington Cemetery it was so hot. I about gave up and lay down in the grass but got really nervous of Peter leaving me behind and heading back to Brooklyn without me. Saying goodbye is never easy just check out this face. Goodbye boy and girl cat Langtimm.

Saying goodbye is never easy just check out this face. Goodbye boy and girl cat Langtimm. I will miss the middle of the night wake ups.

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