Saturday, April 17, 2010

Church House Steps

We recently got a new church building, this is not it. This is the building that we used to meet in. It was dirty and cold and had no redeeming qualities.

Here is Peter teaching sunday school in the old building. I really just put this in to again remember how beautiful he looks with that long beard.

This was the bathroom, notice my photo is taken from outside in the hallway from a window that looks into the bathroom.

Here are some of the branch members getting ready to take a photo on our last Sunday in the old building. My favorite little girl isn't in the picture. I have been trying to get her to be my friend for months now, but to no avail. I think this is the month she will finally succumb to my friendship. She kinda looks like Shelly Kesler as a small chubby girl, but Japanese.

This is the new building, isn't it great? I wish we would have had it for more of the winter seasons. It is the first building I have been in here that has double pained windows that keep out the cold.

Its close proximity to McDonalds is nice when church meetings run a little long. Unfortunately, you have to walk right by the chapel windows in order to get there.


Suzie said...

Haha! I can picture you and Peter sneaking off to McDonald's. Too funny! Beautiful building. I'm glad they finally built one. The one in Takamatsu is nice, too. Double paned windows and all.

Steve and Shell said...

I would like to see this Japanese version of me! I'm making a paper chain to count down your az return!!

Peter and Lacy said...

i just made a paper chain counting down my return too.