Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh Lacy!

Here are just a few reasons

why I love my wife...

Her irrational fear of Ostriches

Her sassy attitude

Her strong inclination to be a vagrant

Her underwater sense of humor

And, of course, her uncanny ability to hide behind trees

Like I said...

These are only a few reasons why

Lacy Dangerford

is the love of my life


courtney*adele said...

you two are so cute!!! i love love love this post!

Kylie said...

hahahaha cute

Heidi and Bryan said...

well, lacy is just an easy person to love, she's the best!

Cicily said...

I love her too, she's the best!

Jena and Jason said...

Oh little Lacy. Your the best. I love the pictures by the way. Your adventures together look endless. :)