Sunday, August 30, 2009

Chaos and Creation in the Backyard

While we know that most our posts aren't particularly structured, this one will be even more chaotic because that is exactly how our week (and most of our time in Japan for that matter) has been.

First of all, this is a picture that serves as an excellent representation of any store in Japan. Be it a small shop around the corner or a bigger department store in a mall, it is all fairly chaotic and filled to the max. Indeed, every possible space is occupied by some sort of trinket, snack, dirty comic book, odd imported good, or one of the few standard products that you can find in any Japanese store.

Lets talk Trolls. Honestly, one of the best things that we've seen in Japan since our arrival has been there dedication to the outdated. For example, just yesterday we found the first complete season of Alf in a store that came with a complimentary t-shirt for $130. We then found an array of Rat Fink memorabilia (hats, shirts, posters, action figures, etc.) all selling for no less than $30. And last but not least, we were fortunate to also stumble upon a huge display of Troll Dolls, and when we say Troll Dolls we are not just talking about a few dolls here, we're talking at least 50 different types of Trolls. Sure, you can still find this stuff in America, but here in Japan it's everywhere.

So, we don't know about you, but we never actually knew how rice grows. We would never have assumed that it's similar to wheat from all the pictures of those murky rice patties, but here's the proof. It's just like wheat, except for the fact that it thrives in swampy mush.

Peter just inherited a bike. It's old and it's rusty, kind of like him. We couldn't be more happy to have it. We went for our first bike ride together in our new and fancier city Takamatsu. It was a blast!

This is me. I know I look sleepy, but this is actually what I look like when I am really hungry. I'm just lounging on a bench at our favorite Indian restaurant "Khana Peena", were we've eaten three times in the past two weeks. A little embarrassing, but we'll do anything to avoid the Japanese cuisine and besides, Peter's got me convinced that the owner likes our business.

Finally, we've got to introduce you to someone. Out of the utmost respect and awe we have dubbed him "The Dude". His stomping grounds are our old city, Sakaide, and he will be missed dearly by both members of the Dangerford family. Anyway, after four months and five repeated drives around the same block (in twenty minutes mind you) I, Lacy Dangerford, finally mustered up the courage to capture this man's soul in one and a half photographs.

"The Dude" can be seen at any time of the day wandering the streets of Sakaide with an umbrella and at least one bag in his hands. He will always be wearing this sharp, yet casual, outfit and always looking this cool. Goodbye Dude, you will certainly be missed.


Kylie said...

hahahaha! i love it i really do. so fun. so much adventure. love it all.

Steve and Shell said...

a. you look really skinny
b. steves hair is almost as long as that "dudes"
c. eating 3 times in two weeks at the same indian food place aint no thang!

Steve and Shell said...

lets plan a gchat, i havent talked to you in wayyyy too long.