Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Yoshino River Rafting Trip

    We went whitewater rafting in the Yoshino river this past weekend and it was, hands down, the greatest day that we have had in Japan to date.  The water was perfect, the scenery amazing, and our river guide a New Zealander with a seriously heavy accent.  Does it get any better?  Needless to say it was an excellent time.  We went with some fellow GEM School teachers who we have become fairly fast friends with, Chris & Courtney Thompson and Hans & Suzie Stephensen; and we can proudly say that everyone made sure to bring their "A" game to the river. 

    One of the most entertaining parts of the trip, however, was not actually on the raft though.  Rather, it was the small cliff jumping that we were able to do periodically as we made our way down river.  It was nothing too high or spectacular, but they were cliffs that both the Dangerford's could handle with ease.  And For those of you who had the frustrating pleasure of witnessing Lacy's hesitancy to jump off the small cliff at Navajo Falls in Havasupai, be sure to congratulate her on the recent jumps that she conquered.  Not only were they much higher cliffs, but they were into a pretty fast flowing river.  It was a amazing.  

Here is Peter jumping off the first cliff in all of his gear, including the borrowed Chuck Taylor's.  Cool, Collective, Excellent Form.  Peter.

It was agreed among the entire group that although Lacy looked like a small doll jumping into the river, she was the best jumper of the bunch.  Little, Confident, Toy Like.  Lacy.

This is a picture of us just before we hit some seriously gnarly whitewater.  Notice the confidence.  "A" game.

In order to cool our jets after the rough water our guide thought it prudent that we all took some time to just relax and float down stream.


Kylie said...

looks SO FUN!

Brown Sugar said...

it looks like Peter is back to his abusive behavior of pressuring Lacy into dangerous situations she is not comfortable with.

Steve and Shell said...

im glad you two are having fun. but not too glad, because i would rather you be having fun in az with me. (jk, but kind of serious)

stacie and geoffrey... said...

Hahah I love that puppy-like picture of you jumping off, I didn't even have to read the caption to realize it was Lacy. So cute.

The Keslers said...

How pretty! And fun! And I love the Havasupai reference made by Brown Sugar. I almost forgot about that.

Cicily said...

You look hot in a wetsuit. You should wear them everyday.