Monday, June 15, 2009

Pretty, pretty , pretty

Since I still cant figure out pictures "please read this" i think you will enjoy it!

We feel the joy in can help customer's " Health care 'through bread of good quality and combustion setting up and a fresh sandwich.  We try for the shop-making to obtain safety and trust in appreciation for "Meet" with customer.
We answer customer's "NEEDS", contribute to "improvement of the gastronomic culture", and aim to the company that can contribute to the region indefinitely.

Thank you Chris and Courtney for showing us this bakery shop window. 


Kylie said...

hahahahaha. love the lost in translations, enjoy it while you can.

Steve and Shell said...

why cant you figure out pictures. i need to see what japan lacy looks like.

Gary and Angela said...

Hey! I just discovered your blog. That's is awesome that you guys are in Japan. I am going to add you as a link to our blog if that's okay.