Saturday, August 2, 2008

Ps-no more pictures for awhile, sorry!

Well the Dangerfords have had a very eventful week, it was kinda emotional for me. 
Monday: I received my official job title and rise. I am the new team lead for the Good Earth in Provo. Really I am an acting manager, I just cant open the safe.
Tuesday: My boss had a seizure, right in front of me and i had to call 911 it was very scary, that was my first time.
Wednesday: We went on a really great day trip with Lachelle and Manasseh to Zion National Park to hike the narrows and cool off a little. It was great  except for the part when i jumped into some really deep water with my camera on my bag and broke the camera, hence no pictures. Also Peter got a job promotion. He is now the new team lead of unit 9. We are just 
born leaders us dangerfords. Oh and on the way home we stopped at in and out which is always my favorite treat after a great hike.
Thursday: After work Peter informed me that "I made 
a mistake." When purchasing our plane tickets home I made them in the reverse order, so we leave from phoenix to go to salt lake on the 6th. I think I am just really longing to live in gilbert again. Then we went to an amazing show in salt lake.
Keller Williams and Yonder Mountain String Band. I have tried to see keller williams for years, he never came to arizona. At the end of the show a "riot" started. Some idiot 

got up on the stage and was being lame, so the security guard picked him up by the neck and body slammed him to the ground. The crowd started throwing garbage and stuff at the security guard, I think he felt bad afterwards. Oh and the funniest some girl got up on stage and tried to stage dive. NO ONE CAUGHT HER, she fell flat on her stomach. It was awesome!

anyway sorry for the lack of pictures but they will come soon enough.


Cicily said...

Thank goodness you finally made a new post, I was beginning to wonder if anything happens in Provo. What an exciting week, holy cow. I have to say that I'm very sad you're not coming until Thursday, Gus was really looking forward to some aunt Lacy uncle Peter time. Dag nabbit! Love you!

The Keslers_ said...

Oh man - that sucks about your camera.

Steve and Shell said...

laceeee! i enjoyed your email the other day. keep 'em comin! i miss ya!

The Ruttingers said...

I feel your pain.... I picked up my camera the other day to use it and the feaking thing wouldnt work.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Lacey - it's Rick - sounds like you guys are having a fun summer! we MISS you!!!! Anyways, I emailed Peter the other day, but he hasn't emailed me back - so I'm not sure that it went through - if you could tell him to email me, that'd rule. Or, what is your Phone Number? Hope you guys are having fun -

Jenna said...

I was there, I didn't see you. The crowd flipping off the security guard after tearing his shirt? OUTRAGEOUS