Saturday, May 10, 2008

I have a great Story!

So I work with this girl, Allison, she's  cooky but wonderful. Anyway, we find out that she is in Ty's ward. And to make the story short he found out that Allison pretended to be blind for three months. Having people bring her food and what not. Then after three months of this amazing hoax, she gets up in sacrament, takes off her glasses and says " i am not blind!" All I have to say to this is bravo! That must have taken a lot of time, dedication and skill. Allison you are my hero!

Ps sorry i don't have a picture of this one. Ty and I tried to make it happen but it didn't work out.


stacie amber white said...

aaah ha, gem!

ps- the only people missing from the gilb are you two stinkers.

Cicily said...

I love this story and had to have Ty retell it with full details. How I wish I had the guts to pull such a stunt. Who knows, perhaps I will.

The Keslers_ said...

Allison is my hero too!! Phone tag is stupid. I guess we'll have to chat in Supai!!!!

Spencer Turley said...

Hello dangerfields!

i love you both and i miss you. i just want you to know i think you're both funny and extremely gorgeous. let's be blog friends.

goodbye! have a wonderful evening!

Spencer Turley said...

and i hear you're going to japan! tell me about it!

The Keslers_ said...

LACY - Are you coming in town in June still? It's almost June!