Thursday, February 28, 2008

I Hate My Job!

So hating my job is not a new thing. But lately it has become more and more sucky, due to my boss that hates me. I have stolen his friends, or something like that. It feels like Im working at a Jr High. I have started enjoying the small things at work to get me through the day.

3. asking for marshmellow over the intercom instead of saying the employees actual name, marchello.
2. getting the wellness counelors in a twist telling them outragous health claims are real. like eating too much soy products will cause you to grow an extra uterus. or ingesting certain types of metals will give you super human senses.
1. this last one is not a joy it just gives everyone at work something to talk about and ponder how it could possibly be real.
There is this kid who leaves a trail of the foulest smelling poopy stink everywhere he goes. he doesnt just farts as he passes, the smell lingers for minutes. you cant walk in a room where he has been for at least 5 minutes after he has left the area. its like a man baby is working in the store. gross or sad? i cant figure out which.


The Keslers_ said...

You actually know someone named Machello? Really?
And don't fret, as long as you're getting paid hourly you're supposed to hate your job.

Lachelleandmanasseh said...

gross or sad? cake or death?

Steve and Shell said...

theirs someone like that where i work too...hes brazillian his name is jao, and its not a poop scent, but more of a MAN scent. like man in heat or something...a strong MUSK. it drives the ladys wild. and makes me barf.

how do people not know they smell. steve is convinced that he should be the one to tell them.

p.s. shan i know someone by that name too. booya.

Steve and Shell said...

p.p.s. i LOVE angry lacy. and miss her.

Bethany'sBazodi said...

oh i work at a middle school, its full of poop-smelling children. But I guess thats better than a poop smelling adult.

Brown Sugar said...

I am the poop smelling child at my work. My boss bought a large box of fruit leathers to be enjoyed by the whole staff. I eat them and musty fart all day because I too hate my job. It is my way of rebelling.

Lachelleandmanasseh said...

Lacy I don't think these people quite understand the agonizing difference between fart smell and poop smell. ahhh tonight I'm working with him!!

Cicily said...

Oh Lazer, you are a sweet young lady. You really should go to Marshmallow and talk to him. It's only right to confront the one you are upset with directly.